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Here at VOSKOS® being healthy is about more than high quality Greek yogurt—it’s about how one healthy taste is all it takes to love healthy living, and our What’s Fresh blog is a place to share it all.
christmas traditions

Holiday Traditions from Our Voskos® Friends

Every year, we visit all of our family members between New Year’s and January 6th, which is Christmas on the Orthodox calendar, as part of our family’s holiday tradition. While the elderly stay home awaiting […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

3 Favorite Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes

It can be so easy to splurge during the holidays, especially when it comes to desserts! You can save on precious holiday calories by preparing healthier versions of your favorite holiday sweets with VOSKOS® Greek […]

cranberry turkey sandwich

45 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey

Many thanks to our wonderful Facebook fans for coming up with these yummy ideas for using – and enjoying – leftover turkey! 1. We have turkey sandwiches with the leftover sides for dinner, but for […]

10 Healthy Sandwich Ideas

10 Healthy Sandwich Ideas

In our last blog post, we featured healthy lunch ideas, and said that there’s really nothing wrong with having a sandwich for lunch – you just need to make sure it’s a healthy sandwich, and […]

How to Keep Holiday Meals on a Budget

How to Keep Holiday Meals on a Budget

We all love the holidays – spending time with family and friends over good food is one of life’s pleasures, no doubt – but when you are the host, expenses can add up. Here are a few tried and tested tips from our staff and from VOSKOS® Facebook fans for keeping holiday meal expenses in check.

What Does The Thanksgiving Meal Mean To You?

What Does The Thanksgiving Meal Mean To You?

Today, we asked our Facebook fans to share with us what’s their favorite Thanksgiving dish, and why

10 Ideas for a Better Lunch Box

10 Ideas for a Better Lunch Box

I used to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my kids’ lunch boxes every single day. It was easy; they liked it; and I thought it was healthy. Research over the past couple of […]

VOSKOS® What's Fresh

Award-Winning VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt Now Available in Northeast U.S.

Consumers in the Northeast United States are now able to enjoy the thick, creamy, great taste of VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt.